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AL JEWELRY is an American Jewelry brand. Presenting a collection of exquisitely handmade fine jewelry blending divine materials to create a unique piece of unparalleled simplicity and elegance. Designed mainly in the US. The brand was created by Mikhaela Viktoria who was known for blending her creativity with state of the art fine jewelry craftsmanship. The spirit behind AL are the elements of nature (featuring debut collection flora and fauna) which is the designer’s inspiration for the beauty and structure of each jewelry. As they value empowerment and every person’s individuality. Every piece is unique and has a significant meaning noting that each jewelry can be customize.

The ability to communicate effectively is indeed a skill on which we place great value as a designer we aspire to keep in tune with the brand ideology by creating jewelries that have a broad appeal.

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AL Jewelry is a Los Angeles base custom and fine jewelry company that are handmade and manufacture here in the US.

The ideology of AL Jewelry is to create timeless, unique and elegant pieces of fine jewelry that are made in with high quality materials which showcases state of the art designs.

The mission of AL is to defy convention by engaging its customer with personal stories and significance, which are told through the development of uniquely stylish and supremely crafted jewelries. Every piece worn would represent that person’s individuality sense of style that helps empower him/her. AL is all about simplicity and elegance.




We dispense fine, handmade jewelry made in the USA. We continue to bring in the latest lines of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so much more.

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AL loves our customers, that's why were dedicated to delivering the best customer service available. Feel free to drop us a line anytime, we'd be more than happy to get back to you.

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